Nuratrim is an over the counter weight loss supplement that markets itself as being an effective fat burner that will allow a dieter to be able to burn through more pounds faster than would be possible on their own. The manufacturer behind these diet pills is Bauer Nutrition, which is a relatively large company that has an established and positive reputation.

The way that it claims that this product works is by using natural ingredients in order to promote thermogenesis in the body. This means that the ingredients are supposed to cause the body’s temperature to rise, so that it will be burning more of the calories from foods and the fats on the body as fuel in order to produce that heat. In that way, the body will naturally burn more, meaning that workouts that already burn a high number of calories will become even more effective.

That said, this effect does not replace healthy eating and does not mean that a dieter should go without regular exercise. No diet pill has ever been proven to cause weight to simply melt off the body without any active changes from the dieters. Therefore, simply popping Nuratrim and sitting back to do exactly what you have always done will not produce any positive results on the scale. Instead, it may potentially have the chance to accelerate or enhance the results from efforts that are being made to produce weight loss.

According to the official website for this product, at the time this review was written the ingredients that made up the formula included: green coffee extract, capsicum extract, liquorice extract, glucomannan “knojac” extract (which is a typo for glucomannan konjac extract), and raspberry ketone.

What is clear at first glance of this formula is that the ingredients have been selected based on a number of weight loss trends that are currently underway. While they are not supported by any reputable scientific evidence, they have received considerable media attention and are therefore selling very well. This does not bode well for the actual efficacy of the product if the ingredients choices are based on what is hot and not on what has actually been found to work.

That said, one of the ingredients that is not hyped at the moment is capsicum extract and that substance has been known to promote thermogenesis. What has yet to be known about Nuratrim is whether or not that process will be powerful enough to actually produce measurable weight loss.

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