NutraMetrix TLS Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor

NutraMetrix TLS Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor is a nonprescription weight loss pill. Instead of being focused on just one type of dieting assistance, this product has been designed to provide two. It is marketed in both the fat blocker and carbohydrate blocker categories of weight loss supplements.

In this way, users of NutraMetrix TLS Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor expect to be able to reduce their absorption of some of the carbs and fats they consume in their food. In this way, assuming the product works, it may help to cut into the number of calories they receive from the foods they eat.

There is an official page for NutraMetrix TLS Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor on the manufacturer’s website. Unfortunately, while this does provide a picture of the product package and there is a link to a PDF document for additional information, there isn’t a great deal of information for dieters to receive from either source. The webpage itself contains nearly nothing in terms of product description.

When the informational PDF is accessed, it provides two pages of essentially marketing statements. Very little other than statements meant to sell NutraMetrix TLS Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor are provided within that document. This has clearly been designed for sales purposes instead of helping dieters to better understand the product they are considering.

Discerning consumers familiar with the nonprescription weight loss market would likely not be impressed by the lack of information provided from official sources. Moreover, it would not provide a dieter much information to bring to their physician in order to discuss whether or not it could be safe and appropriate for their unique weight loss and medical needs. Doctors would need notably more information in order to assess the product’s appropriateness for a patient.

Most of the information provided about NutraMetrix TLS Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor can be found in the document’s introductory statement. There, it states that this pill supports leptin sensitivity and that, as a result, it may assist in shrinking a dieter’s appetite while stimulating the process of lipolysis (fat burning) at the same time. Simultaneously, it also decreases the absorption of carbs.

From that point forward, everything said is a freshly-worded repetition of those statements or is a marketing claim.

At the time this review was written, the NutraMetrix TLS Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor ingredients listed on the package were: chromium, white kidney bean extract, the Lepticore Proprietary Blend (gum arabic, guar gum, locust bean gum, pomegranate extract, blue green algae extract and beta-carotine), and the GreenSelect Phytosome (decaffeinated green tea leaf extract).

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