NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia Review

NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia

NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia ReviewNutriRise Garcinia Cambogia is a non-prescription diet pill.  Its manufacturers claim that it offers healthy weight management and that it supports efforts for weight loss.  This is done through a single-ingredient formula.

Why Take NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia?

These vegetarian capsules were developed specifically for weight loss. In fact, when purchased directly from NutriRise, the company guarantees you will experience weight loss when using this product or you may qualify for a refund.

That said, the promise of weight loss is not the only dubious claim made on the official site for this product. It also claims that the product was formulated by a team of doctors.  This is interesting as this product does not actually contain a formula, but is a dietary supplement containing a single active ingredient.

Next, it claims to make its products in a facility that is FDA registered and cGMP certified.  cGMP stands for current good manufacturing practices and is a guideline issued by the FDA.  That said, facilities are inspected and checked, and either are compliant, in which they can legally continue operations, or they are not compliant, in which case they must make changes in order to continue operations.  No certification is made for this process by the FDA.

Though these claims don’t mean that the product won’t work, nor do they suggest that it is not as effective as the claims, it does call the claims into question as they cannot be taken at the manufacturer’s word.

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NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia Ingredients

There is a single active ingredient in NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia. As the name suggests, that ingredient is garcinia cambogia. Its inactive ingredient is its veggie capsule. It doesn’t contain anything else, including fillers, binders, gluten, dairy, or artificial ingredients.

Each 2-capsule serving of NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia contains 1500 mg of its active ingredient.


This capsule is not appropriate for all dieters.  Anyone who is pregnant, expects to become pregnant during the same time the product is being used, is breastfeeding a baby, or who has a medical condition should avoid using this product.  This product can conflict or interact with non-prescription and prescription medications. It is important to speak with a doctor before starting the use of this diet pill.

Final NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia Ranking Calculations

To find out how we ranked NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia, continue reading.

Ingredient Safety

Ingredients studied and proven safe: 0 points added.

Possibly Unsafe Ingredients: 1 point deducted.

  • Garcinia Cambogia (-1 point) – According to WebMD, research shows that garcinia cambogia is possibly unsafe when taken by mouth. Some people who have taken garcinia cambogia supplements have experienced liver-related health issues. It is unclear whether or not garcinia was the actual cause. More research and data is necessary to deem it safe.

Banned Ingredients: No deductions.

Formula Effectiveness

Ingredients that have not undergone clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: No deductions.
Ingredients proven ineffective in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: No deductions.
Ingredients shown in reputable studies to be potentially beneficial to weight loss: No additions.
Ingredients shown in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals to provide weight management support benefit: NutriRise Garcinia Cambogia gained 0.2 points for the following ingredient:

  • +0.2 points – Garcinia cambogia helped to support fat synthesis inhibition in animals while reducing food intake, decreasing appetite and producing overall body weight reduction, according to a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

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