PHENBLUE is an over the counter diet supplement. It is sold in capsule form and is made by a U.S. company called Intechra Health, Inc. That is a well reputed business that manufactures all its products in the United States. It also makes a number of other weight management pills as well as certain other specifically targeted wellness supplements.

PHENBLUE Diet Pill Facts

In the case of this product, the proprietary formula was developed to contain energy boosters, a patented fat fighting ingredient, focus enhancers, and metabolism supporters. This is a very powerful combination of substances with a great deal of appeal to people who are working to lose weight.

At the time this review was written, PHENBLUE ingredients included: NeOPuntia® (Prickly Pear), Caffeine (150mg), Organic Green Tea (Matcha) Leaf Powder, Theobromine. In order to use these capsules according to the directions on the package, you will take a total of 4 pills per day.

The first 2 pills are taken 30 minutes before your first meal of the day. Swallow the capsules with 8 ounces of water. The second two pills are taken a half hour before your second meal of the day. That said, it’s important to recognize that there is caffeine in this pill. Because of this, it shouldn’t be taken within five hours of bedtime. The reason is that caffeine, while helpful to dieters as it boosts energy and alertness, can also interrupt sleep when it is taken too close to when you want to go to sleep.

PHENBLUE Healthy Weight Management Support

The directions also recommend that using PHENBLUE should be worked into a complete weight loss strategy that includes diet and exercise. This doesn’t refer to fad dieting but instead points to nearly any healthy weight loss program or plan recommended by a doctor and that focuses on nutrition and fitness.

In most cases, this will involve lifestyle changes an eating strategy and improved physical activity levels based on your nutrition and fitness requirements.  You may also be advised to work on stress and mental health issues and/or your sleep quality if those are factors contributing to your weight struggles.

What Healthy Diet Should You Follow?

There is no single diet that is appropriate for everyone.  If you are unsure as to what type of diet best suits your health needs and weight loss goals while taking PHENBLUE, your doctor should be considered a primary resource.  He or she is likely to recommend an eating strategy that restricts calories and/or focuses on balancing nutritional factors such as macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins).

If you are very new to balancing your nutrition, your doctor may recommend that you consult with a dietician who can provide you with further details regarding your unique journey.  Together, you can discuss the types of foods you currently eat and how your habits can be gradually changed in order to promote better overall health and weight loss and long-term maintenance.

Which Exercise Program is Best for You?

Just as there isn’t a single diet for everyone, the same can be said about fitness programs.  While you’re taking PHENBLUE, you’ll enjoy the benefits of taking ingredients known for boosting energy levels.  This can be very handy when it comes to giving your maximum performance to every workout.

That said, the specific type of workout you should be doing is based on your fitness level and not on a general template.  Therefore, as is the case with choosing your eating strategy, starting with your doctor’s advice is always wise.  From there, you may be advised to speak with a personal trainer who can help you to create an initial routine or two that you will be able to follow until you have increased your fitness level and are ready to increase the challenge.

Stop Looking for Phentermine Alternatives and Choose Quality Support for Overweight Dieters

These capsules are manufactured in an American facility. That manufacturing facility adheres to the highest standards for quality and safety. This means that dieters can be confident that they are choosing a trustworthy U.S.A. manufactured product. Consumers concerned about the way a product was made can take a certain degree of comfort can know that Intechra Health has taken every possible precaution to ensure that there is no need to worry and every reason to feel good about their choice.

The quality ingredients combined with the skillful way in which PHENBLUE is manufactured helps to explain why the customer reviews for this product – across many sites that sell the product – are overwhelmingly positive. It is an alternative option for overweight dieters who want to buy Phentermine online, but who do not qualify for an obesity treatment prescription.

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