Roxylean ECA

Roxylean ECA is a non-prescription diet product manufactured by BPI, an American company located in South Florida. It is marketed as a very strong, Super Concentrated Thermogenic diet pill. It is very important to be careful when choosing a product that makes this type of claim.

Taking Roxylean ECA Warnings Seriously

The reason is that the nature of the product means that it will have a risk of some unwanted side effects. In fact, the product label itself cautions users to consult a physician before taking these diet pills, to ensure that they will be safe. This is not a subtle warning. It is located on the front of the packaging within a line-box to draw attention to it.

Unfortunately, all too many consumers don’t take that kind of advice and end up suffering from powerful and very uncomfortable side effects that are associated with strong stimulants and thermogenic reactions.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each bottle of Roxylean ECA contains 60 capsules and, at the time that this review was written, it was being sold on the official website for $44.99. As the directions say that only one capsule needs to be taken every day, one bottle provides a supply for two months, which means that the monthly cost is only half the price of a bottle, which is quite competitive.

What Ingredients Comprise the Roxylean ECA Formula?

The Roxylean ECA ingredients include: Thiamine Vitamin B1 and niacin as well as the proprietary Roxy Blend (510 mg), which contains caffeine anhydrous, lemon, adhatoda, yohimbe bark, goldenseal root, white willow root, Chinese skullcap root, and rauwolfia.

Some of these ingredients have been clinically tested. This is particularly the case when it comes to caffeine anhydrous, which is indeed associated with an increased metabolic rate, but is also connected with side effects such as jitters, insomnia, nervousness, and others. The risk of these side effects is high as the product information suggests that the amount of caffeine in this product is the equivalent to drinking three cups of coffee at once.

Neither lemon nor adhatoda have any proven weight loss benefits. Yohimbe is often found in over the counter diet pills but is associated with some very unpleasant side effects such as increased blood pressure and heart rate and can cause vomiting and nausea. Some of the users of this pill left feedback on third party websites suggesting that they felt nauseated or vomited following its use.

Goldenseal root is known for its laxative, which explains why Roxylean ECA customers have complained about diarrhea after taking the product. That said, the ingredient is not connected to fat loss. White willow root is used as a natural pain killer or for treating acne, but it is not a weight loss promoter. It can conflict with a number of medical problems and medications as it can cause bleeding, particularly in the stomach. Chinese skullcap and rauwolfia are both known substances from Chinese medicine, but neither are used for weight loss.

May 2020 Update

Although Roxylean ECA continues to be listed on many retailer websites online, this product is no longer being manufactured.  It is unclear what specifically has caused the product to be discontinued, but it is no longer available for purchase through reputable sources.

This is important to know. If you should ever come across a bottle of Roxylean ECA for sale anywhere, do not buy it. You have no way of knowing how old it is or how it has been stored throughout its lifetime.

While the product itself already came with risks – as its own manufacturer mentioned on the official product page, while it was still active – it isn’t known whether that played a role in discontinuing these pills. That said, the last thing you want to do is add further risk to the use of diet pills by choosing ones that came with a warning and that are likely expired and may have been stored in a way that would further alter the impact of the ingredients.

How to Choose a Safer Roxylean ECA Alternative

Instead of looking for a product that has been discontinued and that could potentially waste your money or, worse, cause you harm, select a safer option instead.

While you’re looking for a diet pill that is right for you, keep the following in mind:

  1. Choose a product made by a company with a good reputation.
  2. Opt for a product manufactured in compliance with high safety and quality standards.
  3. Avoid auto-ship and subscription programs.
  4. Consider it a red flag when products make too-good-to-be-true claims
  5. Don’t believe claims that pills can cause weight loss on their own. They can only provide support benefits.
  6. Look for diet pills that will complement your healthy lifestyle changes.
  7. Speak with your doctor about the diet pills you’re considering, so you can know they’re appropriate for someone with your medical history and weight loss dieting expectations.

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