Spring Valley Green Tea Plus Hoodia

Spring Valley Green Tea Plus Hoodia is an over the counter diet supplement that is made by a brand that is currently owned by Walmart, where these pills are sold. Though the official product page on the retailer’s website does not ever actually indicate that taking these pills will cause weight to be lost, it is found in the weight loss category of the website.

Moreover, the ingredients in this product are often found in weight loss supplements, which makes it clear what this product is meant to provide, without ever actually making any claims. As the name of the product indicates, the two primary active ingredients that make up this formulation are green tea and hoodia.

When it comes to the weight loss industry, those two substances are on two very different planes. Green tea has a substantial and growing body of evidence that indicates that it can be quite helpful in assisting people who are obese in being able to shed the excess pounds more quickly when they are following a healthful eating and exercising strategy.

However, hoodia’s existence in the dieting world is considerably more dubious. Not only is there very weak evidence to indicate that this substance is in any way related to the ability to lose weight any faster or easier than would be achieved on one’s own, but there is also a growing body of evidence that would indicate that using it for this purposes places a dieter at risk of some uncomfortable side effects.

Much of the medical community looks upon hoodia as a substance that is entirely hype and that doesn’t have any right to be considered an effective weight loss ingredient.

Still, because Walmart never makes any direct weight loss claims about Spring Valley Green Tea Plus Hoodia, then it cannot be said that they are advertising it falsely. In fact, all the product description really provides is functional statements such as the fact that these ingredients provide antioxidant support and that these pills can be used for general wellness. It also describes the ingredients for what they are as opposed to what they are meant to do for the customer.

While it does look as though it is possible that the green tea in this product could potentially help a dieter to get more out of the healthful efforts he or she is already making in order to lose weight, the presence of the hoodia increases the chances of side effects, possibly without any real benefits to make those discomforts worthwhile.

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