T5 Thermobolic

T5 Thermobolic is a product that, according to the official website, appears to also be sold under the name T5 Evolution. This is a fat burner product that is sold for the purpose of fat management. The official website, itself, does not contain a very large amount of information about the product, but is focused primarily on selling it, so some of the info used for the purposes of this review were gleaned from other sites that sell this product and that took greater care to educate their customers.

On the official website, no specific claims could be found with regards to what T5 Thermobolic actually does once it has been taken. However, other sites that sell it have called it a fat burner, which works by increasing the metabolic rate. This type of product usually only works when it is combined with a proper exercise routine and a well balanced healthy diet. However, no directions could be found on the official website that suggested that this is the way in which the product should be taken. Instead, it recommends only that users swallow one to two pills every day, on an empty stomach, with a glass of water.

It does state that for a “ground breaking workout”, the pills should be taken immediately before exercising. This is concerning for a few reasons. The first is that it doesn’t suggest that workouts are a necessary part of the function of this pill. Secondly, as these pills are meant to be taken on an empty stomach with only water, this could cause some people to risk feeling weak or even fainting if they dive into a workout without having eaten something at some point in advance. Finally, while it does say that the user will be able to “feel the effects,” it does not say what those effects actually are.

Though not available on the official website, a list of the ingredients was found for T5 Thermobolic. They include: green tea, guarana, caffeine, and L-carnitine. The first three ingredients on this list are stimulants, with guarana and caffeine actually being rather powerful substances within that category. When all three are combined, it is highly likely that many dieters will experience unwanted side effects as a result of its use. Moreover, when used with exercise, it increases the risk of dehydration. Therefore, it is important that a doctor be consulted before using this product, and proper hydration should be a primary habit if these pills are actually used.

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