T6 Fat Incinerator

T6 Fat Incinerator is a non-prescription weight loss supplement that comes in the form of a tablet and that doesn’t appear to have an official website of its own. That said, they are sold on some major online marketplaces where third party sellers can add their products. Their name is both unique and interesting, but it is important to look into whether it is all noise and no action before making a purchase.

What is T6 Fat Incinerator?

As the name would suggest, T6 Fat Incinerator is a pill that is designed to help with weight loss through fat burning.  Though there isn’t an official website to provide a complete ingredients list, third party websites showing pictures of the packaging have provided a list as it stands during the latest update of this review.

The T6 Fat Incinerator ingredients listed at this time were:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous 300mg
  • Bitter Orange Powder 200mg
  • Cayenne Pepper 60mg
  • Green Tea Extract 60mg
  • Cocoa Extract 40mg
  • Naringin 20mg
  • Green Coffee 10mg
  • Niacin 10mg

This list of ingredients represents an extremely high dose of stimulants.  The first ingredient alone – caffeine anhydrous – equates to drinking three strong cups of coffee all at one time as a shot. This is especially concerning when taking into account that the second ingredient, bitter orange, contains synephrine, a powerful stimulant, and it is also included in a substantial quantity.

Precautions Before Considering the Use of T6 Fat Incinerator

Many people taking T6 Fat Incinerator will experience side effects from the high stimulant quantities it contains.  There are many types of side effects associated with these ingredients, and at these doses, it is more than likely to affect people beyond those who are most sensitive to stimulants.

At the time of this review, there were no scientific studies or clinical trials that could be found that were conducted on this product. Therefore, it is not possible for the dieter considering this product to be able to determine whether or not it is safe, appropriate or effective either as a whole or based on its individual ingredients.

Final Thoughts About This Diet Pill

Without an official website it is difficult to know how the manufacturer claims that these tablets will produce faster and easier weight loss. When examining the descriptions provided by third party retailers, it seems to suggest that the fat burning effect is the result of stimulants and thermogenics. This is the process in which the ingredients cause the body temperature to increase. This requires more of the body’s energy, meaning that it burns either calories consumed in food or stored fat in order to produce this raised temperature. Since more calories are burned in the form of heat, when the dieter increases his or her activity level, it means that the potential for fat burning can considerably increase. At least, that is the theory, assuming that the ingredients in this product can actually produce that effect.

While fat burning could occur from the ingredients such as caffeine, capsicum and bitter orange peel, which have been studied and have been found to produce this effect in one way or another, the dosage will likely mean that the formula’s drawbacks far outweigh any potential benefits for many dieters.

Many doctors would likely advise against the use of this product, so it’s important to talk to your physician before using T6 Fat Incinerator. Beyond the high caffeine level, doctors frequently advise against the use of bitter orange peel because of its synephrine content (a substance about which the FDA has issued a warning in the past) and because it is very high in stimulant containing ingredients, which increases the chances that many users will experience unwanted side effects.

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