Tummy Tuck Belt

The Tummy Tuck Belt is marketed as being a type of system that will slim down the abdomen when used according to its directions. Though it is advertised as unique and revolutionary, it does not appear to be highly different from a broad range of other similar products on the market. Like the others, it also promises a flatter, smaller stomach after having used it for only a few minutes each day.

What Does the Tummy Tuck Belt Promise?

The claims that are specifically made by the Tummy Tuck Belt are that it helps the dieter in three different ways to reduce the size around his or her middle. The instructions say that it should be used for ten minutes per day for thirty straight days.

This is the first way in which the Tummy Tuck Belt is meant to work, and the claim is that during that time, belly fat will melt away, although the overall body weight will likely remain about the same. The claims are that the results will be visible even if the dieter doesn’t change the way that he or she is eating or exercising.

The second way that this weight loss product is said to work is that it when combined with exercise. In this way, the same ten minutes per day, though this time it should be specifically done in the morning, a combination with an exercise routine at any other point in the day will make the results four times greater.

Finally, the last way that this product can be used for “instant” slimming results is through its compression. It suggests that the Tummy Tuck Belt should simply be worn as it is, under clothing, and it will instantly give a slimming effect because it is made out of a tight fabric.

How Much Does It Cost?

Interestingly, this review was originally written in 2014 and was updated in 2021.  Back in 2014, the official website was advertising the product as being on sale for two payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling (instead of the usual price of three payments at that amount).  During the 2021 update, seven years later, the product is still being advertised at that “discounted” price.  By now, it seems reasonable to view that price as its standard retail cost and not any kind of special deal.

What’s in the Tummy Tuck Belt Box?

The Tummy Tuck Belt comes with the belt itself, as well as a thermal accelerator gel that is meant to be applied to a clean stomach before the belt is worn so that the product will work better.

Though this seems like a simple enough system, there is no scientific evidence that the product will help to make a person any slimmer, except in the last way, in which they appear slimmer from wearing the tight fabric, despite the fact that they remain the same weight and BMI underneath the product.

At best, the Tummy Tuck Belt may temporarily cause a very small amount of water weight to be lost as sweat, but this will only return as cells become rehydrated.  Overall, this appears to be a sweatier version of a Spanx-type shapewear product with claims unsupported by any scientific evidence.

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