Ultimate SlimDown

Ultimate SlimDown is an over the counter diet pill developed by an American company based in Arizona, which has been around since the 1970s, called True Health. True Health sells several lines of products within the wellness and weight loss categories. This particular pill is formulated to enhance the “body’s natural fat processing mechanisms.”

That statement isn’t particularly specific, but it does imply that using Ultimate SlimDown can put the body in a better position to lose fat and therefore weight. According to the description of the product on the official website, there are several ways in which this pill can be of assistance to dieters.

The first is that it promotes thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the body’s process of producing heat. To do this, the body uses a source of fuel – such as calories from food or stored body fat – to complete chemical reactions that result in heat production. The idea is that by increasing this process at the same time that someone is cutting back on calories can help the body to burn off a larger amount of fat simply through the production of body heat. Whether or not this has a bit enough impact to actually result in measurable weight loss is up for debate.

The next thing this pill claims to do for dieters is to enhance the process of breaking down stored fat on the body. This is meant to boost the efficiency of fat burning so that stored fat will become a better source of immediate fuel for the body’s needs.

Somehow, this product is also supposed to improve the ratio of lean muscle to fat – which is a rather odd claim, particularly when it isn’t described in any greater detail and those two cell types are not related to each other. Moreover, the use of this pill is also supposed to improve blood glucose levels.

The outcome of all this is meant to be “incredible weight loss success.” Still, at the time this review was written, there weren’t any reputable peer reviewed studies cited to support the claims made about the formula or even the individual ingredients. As a result, consumers would need to simply blindly believe the claims made by the company about this product or conduct an extensive search into medical journals to see what has been published about each substance making up this formulation.

Considering the number of powerful claims made about this product by its manufacturer, it’s disappointing that none of them are supported by cited research in the official description. It did mention two clinical trials on one of its ingredients, Meratrim®, but when taking a closer look at that study results (PMID 23767862 and PMID 23784895, “Efficacy and tolerability of an herbal formulation for weight management”), these is hardly a conclusive findings the medical community would see as proof. Instead, the studies involved only 100 participants and 60 participants respectively. Only half the participants used the ingredient, as the other half made up the control groups. Essentially, this research suggests that more research is required in order to know for sure and to identify side effects.

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