Vida Thin Lemon Detox

Vida Thin Lemon Detox is, as the name suggests, an over the counter supplement product meant to help people to lose weight through the process of detoxification. This is a growing category in the dieting supplement marketplace despite the controversy around it. That is particularly true of products such as this one which are also supposed to be used as meal and/or snack replacements. Both detoxing and replacing whole food meals with supplement based products have supporters, but members of the medical community is far more likely to disapprove of them or at least not recommend them to their patients.

The makers of Vida Thin Lemon Detox claim that using this product according to the directions will help dieters to make sure they are eating all the meals they need each day without overeating in terms of caloric consumption.

The official website dedicated to this product is meant not only as a marketing and sales page but is also designed to help dieters to empower themselves to “lead a full life naturally” by way of their daily diet. It isn’t entirely clear how they mean for people to establish a full and natural life through meal replacement supplements but it is designed in a highly appealing and powerful way.

This product is meant to be used in conjunction with the brand’s Lemon Detox Diet or as a part of the Daily Lemon Detox. Both strategies are described in detail on the official product website.

For people who are trying to detox with the product, the idea is to use it in place of where they would usually consume sugary drinks, snacks or meals. This is meant to help those people to reduce their food cravings so they will be able to achieve their “ideal healthy body weight” and their “natural figure.”

To do this, users are meant to drink between 1 and 2 bottles each day. They are meant to be consumed either ahead of a meal or snack in order to ensure that the user will eat less during those mealtimes or snack times, or they can replace the food altogether. Users are advised to drink a proper amount of water every day as well.

Alternately, dieters who are following the Lemon Detox Diet will need to adhere to a 3-day fad program that promises 10 pounds of weight loss during that time. Clearly, this is an exaggerated claim, making this company only one of dozens – if not hundreds – in the industry to make that kind of promise. If any weight is indeed lost during that time, it will more than likely be water weight, which will be regained once the dieter is hydrated again.

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