Vintage Burn: Weight Management Tablet Review

Vintage Burn

Vintage Burn Review

Vintage Burn is an over the counter thermogenic fat burner developed to increase the body’s metabolic rate while promoting the conversion of stored fat into energy without risking muscle loss at the same time.

This supplement was made to provide users with a product that will start working right away.  It is supposed to help dieters to achieve faster weight loss. It claims to use only premium ingredients which have been carefully selected for both potency and purity.  Moreover, it also claims that its all-natural ingredients are only safe and effective.

Vintage Burn is also formulated specifically for muscle preservation and strength even as weight is lost overall.  In this way, it is meant to help dieters to burn through unwanted fat without risking the muscle they worked hard to build.

On top of those benefits, Vintage Burn is supposed to enhance a user’s focus and mood.  It is meant to do so in a way that is both safe and natural. With an improved overall mood, it can be easier to manage health and diet goals and to stay motivated to keep up with eating and workout strategies.

Why Use Vintage Burn?

Vintage Burn is one of the Old School Labs products from its Fat Loss & Diet selection.  It was developed to help dieters to overcome the challenges associated with fat loss, while dropping the pounds and preserving muscle mass. The official description of this product underscores the difference between losing fat and losing muscle.

This product is a thermogenic fat burner developed specifically for muscle preservation while achieving solid and ongoing results.

It claims to do this through improved metabolism, appetite suppression, and energy boosting to make it easier to work out.  The goal is to let users who are also eating well and exercising more burn through more calories and body fats.

This product is a thermogenic fat burner developed specifically for muscle preservation while achieving solid and ongoing results.  Equally, it is supposed to enhance mood, mental focus, and pre-workout energy.

Vintage Burn Ingredients


The Vintage Burn ingredients include:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract,
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract,
  • Raspberry Ketones,
  • Olive Leaf Extract,
  • Caffeine,
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract,
  • Garcinia Fruit Extract,
  • Crysin,
  • Forskohlii Root Extract.

These ingredients have undergone varying amounts of clinical research.  They were all chosen to contribute to the list of benefits.  This means either providing their own unique benefits or contributing to similar benefits provided by other substances.

Vintage Burn User Reviews

Overall, Vintage Burn receives positive customer reviews. It has thousands of reviews on Amazon, for instance, and the majority of them are above three full stars.

Final Vintage Burn Ranking Calculations

The following is a breakdown of the specifics used for ranking and scoring Vintage Burn. For more information on our ranking system, continue reading.

Ingredient Safety

Ingredient Safety: All five ingredients in Vintage Burn’s proprietary formula have research to support their safe use by healthy adults following appropriate directions. 0.5 points added. Inadequate research is available to conclusively prove Forskolin, Crysin and Garcinia Cambogia’s safety: 6 point deduction

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (+0.1 points) – This Vintage Burn substance can be consumed orally and in reasonable amounts and is called “likely safe” based on research.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (+0.1 points) – WebMD’s descriptionof this ingredient states that it should be considered “possibly safe” by healthy adults, provided it is taken in appropriate quantities and following the right directions.
  • Raspberry Ketones (+0.1 points) – This substance is sometimes taken orally for weight loss and WebMD states that it is possibly safe when taken by healthy adults in quantities of up to 1000 mg twice daily for up to 8 weeks.
  • Olive Leaf Extract (+0.1 points) – This ingredient is labeled as possibly safe when taken by mouth in appropriate amounts.
  • Caffeine (+0.1 points) – The official safety description of this ingredient on WebMD suggests that caffeine use is “likely safe” as long as it is taken within restricted amounts.
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract – This ingredient is deemed possibly safe when taken in small doses over the short term of 12 weeks or less. That said it is associated with common but non-life threatening side effects.

Banned Ingredients (USA): No deductions.

Formula Effectiveness

Ingredients underwent clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: No deductions.

Ingredients proven ineffective in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: No deductions.

Ingredients shown in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals to provide weight management support benefits: 0.8 points added.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (+0.2) – According to research published in the Gastroenterology Research and Practice, consisting of a meta-analysis, green coffee bean shows significant promise for overcoming weight loss struggles. It has been deemed worthwhile for further study.  The research examined the results of randomized clinical trial outcomes.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract (+0.2 points) – A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association(JAMA) showed that the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in this substance plays a central role in reducing fat mass among participants who were overweight or obese at the start of the study.
  • Forskohlii Root Extract (+0.2 points) – A study published in the Alternative and Complementary Therapiesjournal revealed that this ingredient can support dieters who are keeping up regular exercise.
  • Raspberry Ketones (+0.2 points) – Research published in the Planta Medica journal showed that taking raspberry ketones (in this case in combination with vitamin C) may reduce body fat and overall weight in healthy people. This study was preliminary but indicates that the substance is worthy of further study.

Ingredients clinically proven to provide significant weight management support in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: 0.6 points added.

  • Green tea (+0.3 points) – Research published in the Obesity journal showed that there is a direct connection between consuming green tea on a regular basis and the suppression of leptin levels.  It can also increase energy levels and raise thermogeneis in the body.
  • +0.3 points – A study published in the Obesity journal indicates that caffeine is connected with increasing the body’s thermogenesis.  Moreover, this substance was also linked with improved leptin suppression and increased energy levels (the latter for which the ingredient is best recognized).

Overall User Reviews

Average user rating: 1 point added. Vintage Burn maintains an average 4.3 star user review rating on Amazon as of the time this review was written

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