Zymbiotix is an over the counter supplement that is designed to cleanse the colon to remove excess waste and toxin buildup that may have formed there. It is a part of a widespread trend to detox or cleanse the body to improve overall health or jumpstart weight loss.

It is important to note that detoxing and cleansing is a highly controversial technique. The majority of licensed doctors in the United States do not recommend these practices to healthy adults. There are certain specific circumstances when this could help to improve health or symptoms, but that occurs under specific guidance from a doctor and likely would not involve the use of a product such as Zymbiotix.

The average healthy adult’s body does not contain a buildup of toxins. A great deal of the design of the colon is, after all, to clean itself out. As long as that person is having regular bowel movements, the waste is being moved along and out of the body and is not being allowed to build up. Therefore, taking laxatives or cleansing/detoxing products may only stress the various body systems unnecessarily.

Zymbiotix does have an official website. It has several different navigation tabs ranging from the ingredients to FAQ and a great deal more. While that menu does look promising for allowing a consumer to inform him or herself, at the time of the writing of this review, every single link on the page lead to the “Contact Us” page. Several efforts were made to access the site at different times and using different browsers, but the same results were consistently presented.

It is unclear as to whether those website problems were specific to the period of time in which this review was being researched or if the site has had long-term problems. That said, this type of event makes it quite challenging for a dieter to obtain official information about this product from its manufacturer, Zybiotix Health Sciences, LLC. That company does not appear to have a separate website, which also makes it next to impossible to learn anything about the business behind the product.

According to third party reports, the product costs $99.45 for a one month supply, which is notably higher than rival products. This is particularly pricy when taking into consideration that there is very little information available to understand the product before purchasing it. It would be very unlikely that any doctor would recommend this product.

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